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Evolving Clinical Trials

Healthcare's digital moment is NOW. Challenges in recent years have shown a necessity for efficient and digital solutions. Access, flexible schedules, and technology allow staff to maintain essential healthcare access for their patients. In Clinical Trials, recruiting and retaining patient's is a challenge. Being able to focus on your patient and not on paperwork is key. Time is money.

High Level Benefits

  • Digitized protocol workflows

  • Ushering users through subject collections, processing, shipping and/or storage

  • Real time analytics and reports

  • Minimized errors and deviations

  • Scalable and Intuitive User Experience

Patient Interaction

  • Access multiple users across the site workflow

  • Easily ensure collection tubes are within expiration date

  • Identify which subject visits are upcoming

  • Manage subject visits that have occurred

  • Have the workflow digitized to ensure correct sample collection, processing and shipping

  • Access a Laboratory Manual online at any step if necessary

  • See which samples have shipped, where, and when

  • Manage samples stored at the site; where they are stored and when they are scheduled to ship

Holistic Monitoring

OverSite allows remote monitors to see what is happening in real time

Monitors can see:

  • Which subject visits have been scheduled and which have occurred

  • Future subject visit windows

  • Missed subject visits

  • Samples collected and shipped, when, and to whom

  • Which samples have been stored at the site, where they are stored

  • When samples are scheduled to ship

  • Easy protocol updates with change control processes

  • Accessible change tracking information


OverSite offers:

  • Sample and supply tracking from the point of collection to the point of shipping

  • Digitized workflows for patient management, minimizing errors in collection

  • Digitized Laboratory Manuals providing instructions at your fingertips

  • Immediate identification and routing of samples; Sample management overviews

  • Scheduling and management of shipping logistics

  • Custom, multi-user web access

  • Customizable reports and metrics

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