Oversite is a Web-based application
Empowering employees through digital workspaces

Healthcare’s digital moment is NOW. Challenges in recent years have shown a necessity for efficient and digital solutions. Access, flexible schedules, and technology allow staff to maintain essential healthcare access for their patients. IN Clinical Trials, recruiting and retaining patient’s is a challenge. Being able to focus on your patient and not on paperwork is key. Time is money. Spending time shuffling paper, filing, storing and locating documentation when it is needed is cumbersome and time consuming. OverSite provides a digital workflow for collection supplies, the collection, processing and shipping of samples all previously in paper form, and subject to out-of-date information.

Site operations management

Protocol and laboratory manual digitization

Holistic sponsor management

Our Approach

Our Focus

OverSite provides efficiencies of time and organization following established site processes.

Digitized protocol workflows capture subject collections, processing, shipping and/or storage. Real time reports help to manage and schedule site activities, so errors and deviations are minimized.

  • Easy-to-use interface - A straightforward, simple design
  • Easy scalability - Handle increased users, data volume, and complexity easily
  • Real-time analytics - Metrics for the state of each process
  • No coding necessary
  • Integration-friendly

Holistic Sponsor Management

OverSite allows remote monitors to see what is happening at the site in real time.

Monitors can see:

  • Which subject visits have been scheduled and which have occurred
  • Future subject visit windows
  • Missed subject visits
  • Samples collected and shipped, when, and to whom
  • Which samples have been stored at the site, where they are stored
  • When samples are scheduled to ship
  • Easy protocol updates with change control processes
  • Accessible change tracking information

Protocol and Laboratory Manual Digitization

OverSite analytics sample management system offers:

  • Sample tracking from the point of collection to the point of shipping
  • Digitized workflows for patient management, minimizing errors in collection
  • Digitized Laboratory Manuals providing instructions at your fingertips
  • Immediate identification and routing of samples; Sample management overviews
  • Scheduling and management of shipping logistics
  • Custom, multi-user web access
  • Customizable reports and metrics

OverSite allows site personnel to:

  • Access multiple users across the site workflow
  • Easily ensure collection tubes are within expiration date
  • Identify which subject visits are upcoming
  • Manage subject visits that have occurred
  • Have the workflow digitized to ensure correct sample collection, processing and shipping
  • Access a Laboratory Manual online at any steop if necessary
  • See which samples have shipped, where, and when
  • Manage samples stored at the site; where they are stored and when they are scheduled to ship